Let’s look at a brief flashback in the past about how the course of electric cars started as well as their fall.

The first bout:
 Electric vehicles have a long history that begins about 170 years longer back in the middle of the 19th century. Their evolution was parallel to the development of two other competitive types vehicles, steam engines and vehicles with internal combustion engines. Scotsman Robert Anderson he invented a very pretty first electric car-powered car. At the same time (1835) Dutch Professor Stratingh of Groningen made a small vehicle. These first inventions had purely test character, as well as the electric motors that existed were experimental and non-experimental applicable in practice until 1837 when Thomas Davenport built his engine. 

The middle period: 
This period marks the decline of electric vehicles and the universal prevalence of gasoline-powered vehicles. There were several reasons for this, with the most important ones being the following: 

• At that time, America’s long-distance road network had improved significantly with immediate effect increase the need for large autonomous vehicles.
• The discovery of large oil reserves in Texas has made the cost of fuel consumers
• The invention of the electric starter by Charles Kettering in 1911 enabled the petrol-powered vehicles for easy starting without manual intervention.
• The mass production of gasoline-powered vehicles by Henry Ford making these vehicles available to quite low prices between $ 500 and $ 1000. In contrast, electric vehicle prices were steadily rising

The electric vehicle today: 
With the interest in the use of electric vehicles being stepped up by the governments of different states, more and more vehicle manufacturers have been presenting their models since the 1980s. Strict studies presented 1990s, show high rates of atmospheric pollution due to the use of conventional vehicles. To address this basic problem, efforts have been made with the adoption of measures at both national and international level. The drive system of a modern electric car consists of the engine, the power converter (controller), the power source (battery) and the drive system.

Jaguar I-Pace

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