Goodyear Sound Comfort : New low noise tire

Goodyear unveils the Sound Confort where it is a car tyre where it offers low roll noise. Electric cars have an important advantage, are silent both for the passenger and the outside area where the car is moving. The Goodyear tire industry wants to further reduce the noise from car tires, for this it has Sound Comfort technology where using a shield incorporated in the tire the sound can be reduced by up to 50% without any impact on performance. 

Goodyear unveils the Sound Confort

This technology is essentially a polyurethane foam that is incorporated into the inner surface of the tire and does not lose its effectiveness throughout the life of the tire. It is also economical enough and light enough not to affect the performance of the car. 

With Goodyear technology, the sound of the tire’s cab is greatly reduced and as reported by the company it reaches 50% compared to a conventional tire. Thus the driver and passengers enjoy a quieter driving experience. It is available for summer and winter and for All Season and RunOnFlat tires and for a wide range of cars.

Goodyear Sound Comfort : New low noise tire


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