SCHWALBE : The electric retro performance scooter

Schwalbe electric retro scooter does not call it lightweight, with a weight of 135 kg, accelerates from zero to 50 km / h in 3.8 seconds. The fully redesigned engine was developed in collaboration with Bosch. Two large lithium-ion batteries (there is the largest weight) placed in the center of the scooter under the skate tunnel, also by Bosch, have a total capacity of 4.8 kWh

It may look quite classic at first glance but this does not prevent it from being fast enough and at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour, it can be electric and clean since it has an 8 kW engine that can achieve the performance of a conventional 125 cc scooter.

Schwalbe electric retro scooter
Schwalbe electric retro scooter

For a full charge of the batteries, Govecs announces five hours, while 50% of the capacity can be achieved with fast charging within one hour and 45 minutes. The instrument cluster is fully digital and has all the information, while the rider can choose between three slow, medium and Boost drivers, while reverse gear is helpful as parking assistance.

This retro electric scooter has a small drawback. Schwalbe on the German market prices start at 6,990 euros and is up to three times more expensive than a conventional 125cc scooter, its price seems quite unconventional, but the opposite of the conventional should first be paid for it a little ?

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Schwalbe electric retro scooter


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