This is Tesla Model 3 drive unit | video

In the Video below you can see details from the Tesla Model 3 drive unit with YouTuber Ingineerix describing the basic features of the package.

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Tesla Model 3 drive unit

Description from YouTube channel Ingineerix :

This short clip shows the entire rear subframe complete with drive unit and suspension pulled from a salvage Model 3. The drive unit itself with inverter and full lubrication sump weighs just under 200lbs/90kg. I have more videos in this series showing more detail on the drive unit, inverter, and motor. Check here:

evNT note

Model 3 power unit reflects the benefits of electric cars where a power unit and transmission system fit into one shaft, and as with Model S, the Tesla implementation here is excellent with small dimensions and weight compared to complexity of a conventional internal combustion engine.

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