Impressive Cafe Racer electric motorcycle from East Gem

This Cafe Racer electric motorcycle looks impressive and offers zero-pollution movements. Electrification, apart from the rapid growth in the automotive industry, also affected motorcycles where more and more companies have electric bikes. The relatively new market for electric vehicles, two-wheeled and quadricycles, has given space to new manufacturers to enter the game and show us their impressive suggestions.

With Cafe Racer proposals to be quite fashionable last time, Spanish designer Pablo Baranoff has worked with Alex Guliyants, General Manager of East Gem (also known as Denzel), a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, and gave us the following impressive motorcycle.

Cafe Racer electric motorcycle

Inspired by Honda’s retro motorcycles and not only, the Spanish creature is quite beautiful and if you consider that this was his first motorcycle design, the result is admirable. Beautiful and unassuming saddle, minimalist “tank” and beautiful “fridge” do not deprive the electric motorcycle of the elements we are used to seeing in a conventional two-wheeled construction.

Where the engine is traditionally located, the 7500W (10-horsepower) and Panasonic’s 72V lithium-ion batteries take up the position. Thanks to its extremely low weight, which does not exceed 73 kg, its autonomy reaches 120 km while its final speed reaches 97 km/h.

Cafe Racer electric motorcycle
Cafe Racer electric motorcycle

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The electric motorcycle features a braking energy recovery system, alarm and Keyless system, 17-inch wheels, cruise control, and clever storage spaces. While the speedometer and tachometer have remained analog, the indications for the battery level and the energy consumed on the tank are digital, somewhat separating the seasons.

The price of this beautiful Spanish-Chinese motorcycle starts at € 4,300 and comes with a five-year guarantee.


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