Its plans to sell only electric vehicles in Japan by 2050, announced a committee of the country’s ministry of finance. Thus, the country also comes to be added to the list of countries that turn to electrification. The committee, among other things, was made up of top carmaker officials among which Toyota and Nissan. 

The committee’s report states that its target is by 2050 that vehicles sold in the country be either hybrid or fully electric. Before March 2019, a joint venture will be formed between companies to work together to secure cobalt, a basic material for battery construction.

The Commission’s long-term objectives also include reducing greenhouse gases by private cars by 90% (compared to 2010) by 2050. Note that although Toyota was on the committee, the move towards electrification seems to be in contradiction with its plans for hydrogen fuel cells as an alternative fuel. 

Finally, another point to be made is the fact that Japan’s zero-emissions timetable is more conservative than many European countries, but perhaps more realistic. Indicatively, the Netherlands is planning a ban on cars with an internal combustion engine by 2025.


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