MECALAC e12 the world first electric excavator

The world first electric excavator made the first step with the French company MECALAC and Dana, which supplies electric motors. After the explosion of new electric cars that we are expecting soon, it would not be time for this wave to take on other industry sectors in the industry.

The e12 is an electric version of the 12 MTX and fits perfectly into Mecalac’s philosophy for mechanical equipment that is compact, high-performance and environmentally friendly for urban buildings. It is equipped with two electric motors for all-wheel drive and features LiFePO4 146 kWh technology for up to 8 hours of work. Recharging can take up to 7 hours.

world first electric excavator
MECALAC e12 the world first electric excavator

The e12 can run all day without having to recharge its batteries as well as can operate for eight hours at the highest output power and offer less vibration, less noise, less maintenance (filters, oil oils, etc.) , fewer plant accidents, less maintenance money and absolutely no CO2 or particulate emissions.

Testing is still in progress for e12, but indications are that the maximum travel speed will be reduced from 32 km/h to 22 km/h, while operating cycles will be the same as the diesel model. It will also have the same excavation and lifting capabilities and will be in production by mid 2019.

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With a structure designed for the city from the outset and two independently operating electric motors, one powering the excavation mechanism and one for movement, the MECALAC e12 is destined to become a fixture in plant fleets for urban settings. Apart from its performance and range, its 100% electric transmission offers unrivalled tractive force as soon as the engine is started, with brake energy regeneration. The electric motors’ incredible power density make it possible to keep it extremely compact; they also require no maintenance. What is more, the e12 has a charging station that can be used to recharge it on site in six to seven hours. As you can see, without compromising on power, the e12 can work all day without needing to recharge its batteries: a range of eight hours at the highest power output.

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