Next generation Tesla Model S renderings

Although the first Model S facelift is not expected before 2019, it is certain that the famous electric car will be part of us for a long time yet with the next generation Tesla coming after 2021. This does not prevent company enthusiasts from creating their own thoughts about how they envision the second generation of Model S.

Emre Husmen design shows us from his own perspective how the future Model S envisions which sharp corners will prevail throughout the body and a particularly aerodynamic shape. The big wheels dominate giving a highly dynamic expression, with LASER front technology lights, while the rear follows a C-shaped style  and OLED application.

We also see that there are air ducts on the front wing, while at the back we can see a diffuser. Inside is dominated by the 19″ large convex screen, and the luxurious image complements the sewn leather surfaces. As the Husmen envisions, the new Model S will also incorporate self driving level 5 technology.

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