Tesla fans or haters they change motoring ?

Tesla fans and haters are growing, changing the world of motoring. In one way or another, the American manufacturer of electric cars Tesla, with Elon Musk in front, has achieved something unique. The fact that it manages to monopolize the social media with every news coming out of the bird and the hordes of fanatical followers following the American company and not only.

And here comes the comparison with the famous computer company and smartphones, Apple, where it managed to have millions of fanatical fans and other so many haters !! just like in Tesla, and in which motoring forum you watch the pitching between the fans & haters of the company is beyond any imagination.

But why is Tesla not Nissan? Yes, Nissan because the Japanese company pulled out the first electric car in mass production in 2010 and of course we are talking about the Nissan Leaf. In 2012, however, Tesla presented an electric car milestone for electric motoring. Tesla Model S later set new limits not only on electric cars but more generally in the car industry.

Tesla fans and haters

Tesla electric car has an extremely dynamic and sporty appearance, very high horsepower, and the batteries allow for autonomy that makes the car ride out of the city limits, which is still the biggest problem with BEV cars.

Another feature that the new buyers especially love is software updates in the car that can be done in your home without transferring the car to a workshop of the Company. And we are not talking about software with some features, but it can customize the car into a complicated but relatively simple to use menu on the big screen in the center.

Also an important feature introduced by Tesla was the pioneering Autopilot for the era. The autonomous driving system where, with the use of cameras and sensors, it allows the car to drive itself on highways but also on country roads as many videos show (not recommended). This does not mean that the driver does not even look at the road because the system forces him to have his hands on the steering wheel every time.

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Tesla cars completely reflect a new proposition on global motoring and despite any credibility problems the construction company has shown, fanatical followers love it more and those who hate it are getting more ….. we said, as is the case with apple against everyone else!

Now if this rivalry of lovers or haters will change something in motoring, we can not answer for sure, but with certainty we admit that companies like Tesla are probably good in global auto market rather than the opposite!

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