BMW i3 with 700km of range from LION LIGHT

The BMW i3 achieves 220 km of range with 33 kWh battery. Lion Smart, a German energy storage company, is trying to build advanced lithium ion batteries where it can adapt to existing electric cars like i3. 

The Light Battery concept of the company that is still under development is doing something unique, since the 33 kWh battery already existed, the German company managed to squeeze with enough energy density batteries that reach 100 kWh, and as the company claims the BMW i3 has an autonomy of 700 km, without being separated into a more standard cycle, the measurements were made.

Also, each battery cell has its own security and when it is broken it will be possible to change only that piece. The cooling system does not have a liquid form but it is a gas, which is vital to avoid the fire in the battery.

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Description from YouTube channel LION Smart :

The battery concept developed by LION Smart provides technical solutions for current optimization possibilities, such as high energy density, a robust security concept with maximum operating lifetime.

BMW i3 range

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