The BMW Vision iNext concept officially unveiled

With Vision iNext Concept, BMW aims for an electric future where the driver’s pleasure in driving will take precedence as is the case with BMW cars. Since the 1970s, the company has been creating “Ultimate Driving Machines”, and in no case does BMW want to spoil what it has been building for so many years!

So the German company plans to offer 25 electric models to the market by 2025, with 12 of them being purely electric. iNext is the basis for the company future electric cars and according to BMW CEO Harald Krüger ” The iNEXT project will provide our building blocks for the future, from which the whole company and all its brands are set to benefit.”

BMW Vision iNext Concept

Vision iNext concept is a car that uses extremely advanced autonomous driving capability, but it will also be possible to drive from the driver if desired. And according to BMW it is not a car that will replace the driver but will try to connect the two worlds in the best possible way.

The design of the Electric Crossover at the front is dominated by the new mask design, where it impresses with the size it has and might add something exaggerated when looking at the car from the front. Fine luminaries and air vents complement the picture in front, giving a robust picture.

BMW Vision iNext Concept
BMW Vision iNext Concept

The rest of the design is impressed by the enormous wheels and bloating in the wheel arches, making the car look muscular and dynamic. The windscreen extends far enough up and behind the glossy plastic mask, there are the necessary sensors for self-driving. Also there are no external conventional mirrors, as iNext uses cameras.

Inside are all clean cuts and relaxing patterns, easily in the eye. The large wide screens, the wooden and marble decorations stand out, while the armchairs are separate for each occupant and all are covered with leather and metal. The steering wheel and the pedals appear and disappear by touching the BMW logo on the steering wheel, while the large wide screen serves as an instrument panel and a second, broader one serves for infotainment.

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There is also the “Shy Tech” technology, which is actually a headlamp mounted on the back of the rear seat, and you can create digital pictures and screens inside the cabin by controlling them either by contact or by gestures . Passengers can make a gesture at any part of the seat surface and through this they can control the radio or navigation system.

The prototype will have the dimensions of an X5, and is a purely electric crossover of 5 seats that will be produced in 2021 and will be manufactured at Dingolfing plant. The company will also apply a versatile multi-selector battery pack, starting from 60kWh, while with a large 120kWh battery, it can have 700 km of autonomy, always according to BMW.


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