Ultraviolette : Electric motorcycle from the future is here

Ultraviolette Automotive is a company from India that designs a new electric motorcycle that will escape from the typical standard design and will have a pretty futuristic form. Technical specifications do not exist for the time being but are said to compete with the traditional gasoline-powered motorcycles in the 200-250cc category.

The company has produced several prototypes that have attracted the interest of several manufacturers, as well as the Indian company TVS Motor Company, which last year bought 14.78% of the company and recently increased with additional funding of 700,000 pounds.

Ultraviolette electric motorcycle
Ultraviolette electric motorcycle

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Ultraviolette Automotive founder and CEO, Narayan Subramaniam, said :
This investment is a confirmation of the loyalty of TVS Motor Company to our product and the progress we have made so far with our motorcycle. We manufacture a high performance electric motorcycle that combines the best technology and design to offer an unparalleled user experience. The motorcycle will be activated with clever features such as diagnostics, preventative maintenance, air upgrades, and step adjustments. We believe that continued support from TVS Motor Company will make a significant contribution to our goal of delivering a superior electric vehicle to India


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