Volvo Vera : The Future in Autonomous trucks

Volvo revealed a prototype truck concept where it is fully autonomous and electric from the future. However, it has a specificity, the driver’s cab is completely absent, so its design is completely radical in relation to what we have been used to now.

Volvo Trucks with Vera shows us how transports could be in the future where, in addition to safer and more efficient, they will be more environmentally friendly.

Volvo autonomous future
Volvo Vera : The Future in Autonomous trucks

The vehicle will be able to operate 24 hours a day and will have the capacity to carry goods up to 32 tonnes in short distances. There will be a fully automated vehicle tracking system where, through cloud services from a control center, it will constantly control its movements to improve it where needed.

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Description from YouTube channel Volvo Trucks :

Vera is an autonomous vehicle that forms part of a larger system. It has the potential to optimise transport in highly-repetitive, short distance flows with large volumes of goods, such as ports, factory areas and logistical mega centres, where it offers better delivery precision and flexibility. The sophisticated technology enables round-the-clock operations, while the electric drivelines means a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and noise levels. A cloud-based service connects each vehicle to a transport control centre, which continuously monitors and optimises the logistics flow. In the near future, Vera will be further developed by Volvo Trucks together with selected customers in prioritised applications.

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