The German company at the Paris Motor Show announced that it will produce a purely electric four-seater coupe, and as a target it puts the Tesla model 3 where in America its sales have literally captured a ceiling and is still in progress. 

The BMW i4 will borrow a lot of data from i Vision Dynamics, which was presented last year, but the front will be very close to the prototype that the German Company has presented. The technological infrastructure of the electric car will be very high with innovative transmission systems and level 4 autonomous driving.

The i4 will feature lithium-ion batteries, which, depending on the version, will deliver up to 700 km of autonomy, certainly an amazing performance if it is true in real life. i4 architect argues that other models of the company, such as gasoline, diesel and hybrid, will be supported by this. 

The prototype for 0-100 needs about 4 seconds while the top speed will reach 200km/h. The car is part of the BMW plan that wants, by 2025, to market at least 25 powered models, 12 of which purely electric.

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