Over the past few months, we have heard several “big” collaborations of the automotive industry in the field of autonomous driving. An example is General Motors with Honda, two historic manufacturers working together to place a vehicle with autonomous functions. 

Now, there is a chance that another collaboration will take place, this time from two manufacturers whose “counter” started many decades ago. The reason for Ford and Volkswagen that may join forces to make available to the public a stand-alone vehicle equipped with state-of-the-art technology. 

It is worth noting that both the one and the other companies are already running projects in the field of autonomous driving. Indeed, the US manufacturer will also be the first to test in Washington, the capital of the United States.

According to people who have access to the upper levels of the two manufacturers, the talks are “open” and there may be a formal announcement soon. If cooperation between the two succeeds in the future, Ford and VW would see the value of their shares rise sharply. 

However, it is striking that even large companies do not take the risk of running a self-driving vehicle on their own. It is a young market where, if anyone goes wrong, he could “lose the first train”.

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