Autonomous driving blooms in the United Arab Emirates. The government is quite positive about young technology and is constantly showing its interest in her. After news of a taxi traffic in Dubai, Abu Dhabi has a series. 

In particular, local authorities have given their approval for the release of a small autonomous vane to Masdar City, the futuristic Abu Dhabi district still under construction. 

The city’s transport department has collaborated with Navya, a French automotive company, by making the first van with the technology in the streets. It is worth noting that the vehicle has the appropriate specifications to withstand high temperatures and humidity, two factors that could affect its battery. Navya will allocate seven autonomous vans from the beginning of the New Year, which will make itineraries at Masdar City.

Each mini bus will be able to carry up to 12 passengers, and of course equipped with the latest technology. The testing phase is over, which means that from the beginning of 2019 Masdar residents and surrounding areas will be able to test the autonomous van. 

It is worth mentioning that the selection of Navya vehicles was made after a competition in the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week last January. This means that the tests lasted only a few months, a fairly short period of autonomous driving project.


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