Mercedes : New battery manufacturing facility in the US

Mercedes-Benz continues to invest in factories in US and so far since 1995, $6 billion has been put into the vehicle assembly unit in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

In the last year, another billion has been added as part of the German company plan to boost the production of conventional models, such as the new GLE and the new battery manufacturing unit that prepares where it is expected to employ over 600 employees.

Mercedes long-term plan is to create another eight battery power plants for electric vehicles around the world. At the Tuscaloosa plant manufactured, GLE ,GLE  Coupe and C-class are being sold in the North American markets. 

Mercedes-Benz US
Mercedes-Benz : New battery manufacturing facility in the US

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The unit currently employs 3,700 workers, and the number grows to 10,000 peripherals, with production reaching 300,000 units.


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