Purely electric probably the new Toyota MR2

Toyota is very likely to reinstate the MR2 as purely electric. The Japanese Colossus who hears the name Toyota is a world leader in sales, but as far as electric cars are concerned, they holds a cautious attitude. The company in 1984 had introduced the MR2 where, after various design changes, MR2 capital was closed in 2007 which was an impressive roadster that looked a bit like the Porsche Boxster. 

Toyota, however, had said he was willing to put MR2 back on track and start his commercial course as a pure electric car now and not with a conventional engine. Of course everything is still whispering and talking but the chance for impressive Toyota roadster to come back to life is quite possible. 

Purely electric Toyota MR2

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Various technical features and on which platform will be based are not known, but Toyota has not ruled out the use of hybrid technology.


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