Tesla Model 3 : Can you see the stars?

Absolutely yes! because Tesla Model 3 has a spectacular panoramic roof where you can see the stars in the evenings. Also the standard glass panoramic roof ensures a sunny and less celestial environment.

In the video that follows from YouTube channel Elon Musk Viral Videos you can see stunning camera shots of how the panoramic roof looks inward to the outside world.

Passengers can enjoy a wide view when they turn their eyes high, and the only obstacle is a small pillar in between, which is certainly necessary for the torsional stiffness of the vehicle.

Tesla Model 3 stars

In the cabin, what impresses is the minimalist dashboard with its huge touch screen that shows and controls all the functions of the car. It looks sportier than the Model S, while the smaller size of the dashboard favours spaciousness.

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The Tesla Model 3 is a very important pure electric car with excellent battery technology but also in general as a construction and deserves to succeed. The future will show if Tesla can really make so much of its rhythms in such a short time but at the same time to keep quality at very good levels.

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Another point that Tesla has to pay great attention to is quality control in the production of the popular Model 3 and specifically for this particular model because the pressure to increase output to this limit can play a negative role for each Model 3 that the customer will receive.

The luxury pure electric model belongs to the middle class and within a week of its first presentation in 2016, even before it went into production, Tesla received over 325,000 pre-orders for the car.

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