Today, autonomus vehicles are easy to locate in a city by residents. They usually have a similar design, carry the necessary sensors on top and are packed with all sorts of sponsors. In short, within the city are buoys. 

A joyful and slightly different note comes from the Japanese co-operation with Finns, presenting Gacha. It is an autonomous small van with creators the Japanese Muji (design company) and Finnish Sensible 4 (self-driving company). 

The vehicle follows, in part, the design line we encounter in the majority of the respective models, but it is “free” by sponsors, while the large windows provide an opportunity for the occupants to observe the world around them. Also, on the outside of the vehicle there are screens that inform the surroundings about the next move that will be attempted.

The Gacha is engineered to withstand adverse weather conditions, a sector in which autonomus vehicles are slipping. The first and virgin attitude of the van will be held in Helsinki during the following year, and later he is expected to begin his journey to more Finnish cities. 

In fact, in 2020, Muji and Sensible 4 aim to launch new Gacha vehicles, eventually organizing a small fleet. If you think that every Gacha can accommodate about 10 passengers, it will take several vans to meet the needs of a whole city …!

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