Eco-car : Τhe first Greek pure electric car

Designed in Greece and manufactured in China

The Eco-Car is two-seater, pure electric, beautiful, cheap and parked where no other car can fit. But its main characteristic is that it is a product of Greek innovation. In fact, Eco-Car is designed in Greece and produced in China. 

The effort was launched three years ago by the Greek company Ecosun, which is responsible for conceiving the idea, designing the product and supplying electrical systems and batteries. 

The rest are made in China where there is clearly more experience in the manufacture of electric vehicles and also much more flexible production conditions that play an important role in the competitiveness of the final product price

eco car

The Eco-Car is a modern city car that can carry two people, the wheels are positioned exactly at the ends and its length (2.25m) is equal to the width of an ordinary car. You can park it vertically and catch the space that corresponds to a garbage can. 

Eco-Car autonomy reaches 120Km in city driving conditions, with an average drive speed of 40km/h. You can charge it using an ordinary “socket” household socket because the electrical charge required is similar to what a small air conditioner or vacuum cleaner needs. The full charge lasts about 8 hours while in about 20 minutes it can be charged at 70%.

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For the time being, two versions of Eco-Car are available: [1] Low Speed ​​with a top speed of 45km/h and a final price of € 6.700 and [2] High Speed ​​with a top speed of 80km/h and a final price of € 7.700 Eco-Car was first introduced to the public in September at the Thessaloniki International Fair. 

Prior to the official presentation, Ecosun officials had undertaken to start the EU licensing process last year, through a specialist partner in Luxembourg. The interest in the exhibition was unexpectedly high, with the result that the entire stock has already been sold.

According to Mr. Georgios Kazantzidis, CEO of the company, the first two Eco-Cars got signs and are already on the road and Ecosun is in the process of creating a network of partners who will also offer technical support, first in Greece and then abroad.


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