Federal Transportation Minister Andreas Schreuer negotiated with car makers and representatives of Daimler and Volkswagen and both companies agreed to cover up to €3,000 per car to reduce emissions of diesel engines older than 2014 – below Euro 6. 

The two manufacturers have also promised to install the necessary exhaust purification equipment on their older diesel engines, although this may not be possible before 2020.
The problem is due to the court’s ruling that a ban on old diesel cars in contaminated air above the boundary is legal. 

As a result, German cities began to impose a series of restrictions. These bans, of course, will not have immediate effect, but eventually the older diesel vehicles will be banned gradually from next spring. After-cleaning of the diesel engines poses serious technical problems – it is not clear that it is entirely possible – but Mercedes and Volkswagen are doing their job. 

BMW, on the other hand, is planning to pay a discount (the same amount of EUR 3,000 with Mercedes and VW estimates for their rebuilding) for customers who want to replace the oldest diesel vehicles, but do not see the upgrading of a best catalytic converter as viable, saying that this is too costly and can not guarantee efficiency. 

Peugeot and other market players also said that it would not be possible to convert old diesel engines to Euro 6.


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