Mercedes eCitaro electric bus in Hamburg Germany

Mercedes-Benz first electric bus is now ready to hit the streets in the city of Hamburg, Germany. Daimler parent company announced on Thursday that the first of 20 buses of Mercedes eCitaro was delivered to Hochbahn, a public transport company in the city. 

Mercedes eCitaro made its debut in September and has a total capacity of 243 kilowatts that feeds two electric motors. The bus can carry a payload of about seven tonnes or about 88 passengers at the same time and achieve a 155-mile electric range in ideal driving conditions. Most of the time, Daimler said the bus would easily reach 93 miles in range, however.

Mercedes electric bus

After servicing, eCitaro will spill into the bus dock before it is ready to regain it. Daimler added that today’s eCitaro covers about 30% of carriers’ requirements. A second-generation eCitaro will cover 50%. Hochbahn has already ordered 20 eCitaro buses from Daimler and plans to buy exclusively buses without emissions by 2020. 

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The transport provider now has 1,000 buses on 11 lines in Germany. Of course, Daimler wants to sting herself as a pioneer. The Citaro is a best-selling coach from Mercedes-Benz and is a common area across Europe and other regions. The brand also sells the standard Citaro, the Citaro hybrid and the Citaro NGT with a gasoline engine.


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