PEUGEOT e-Ludix : The affordable electric scooter

Peugeot wants to expand its electric range from the two wheels, and by unveiled the third generation of electric scooter has set the goal of presenting an electric model every year.

So came the Peugeot classic scooter series, the Ludix to change, and now the internal combustion engine has been replaced with an electric motor, and the name to scooter now is e-Ludix. The Peugeot Ludix 50 had a successful track so far, selling over 250,000 units in the 15 years it produced.

Peugeot electric scooter
PEUGEOT e-Ludix electric scooter

The e-Ludix was unveiled at the Mondial de laMoto Paris Motor Show with a total weight of not more than 84 kilograms and is equipped with a last-generation electric motor from Bosch that delivers 3kw. 

The lithium-ion battery is also manufactured by Bosch, it’s removable and easy to transport after weighing 9 kg, while it takes only three hours for full charge. The electric scooter also features a power recovery system via the brakes. 

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Its electric range reaches 50 km, and looks is simple yet beautiful and has a display on the steering wheel for all the necessary information the driver needs. Peugeot electric scooter is available in many colors and can be ordered online.


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