Rimac Automobili continues to grow with more employees

Rimac Automobili continues to grow and already employs 429 full-time employees. The company’s employees come from 27 countries, and this year Rimac opened offices in Split and Osijek. Most employees also work at Sveta Nedjelja headquarters near Zagreb.  

The founder of Rimac reports features :

“Every time any company doubles – everything changes. We are really working hard to structure the company, organize the processes, and help our managers and team leaders to keep things manageable. One of the biggest challenges we have at the moment is space – we are currently in 5 buildings in Sveta Nedelja and expanding to other locations for both production and R&D.”

Rimac Automobili continues to grow

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But the Croatian company, due to the rapid growth and launch of the Rimac C-Two production presented this year at the Geneva Motor Show, needs additional resources and therefore the company intends to employ an additional 100 new employees. the electric supercar is already in a state of advanced development and is expected to be in production somewhere in early 2020.

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