Tesla Chief Engine Designer talks about investing in Greece

The news of the investment of Tesla electric car company in Greece was accepted a few months ago with enthusiasm and now, a spokesman for the company, speaks for the first time about this move. 

Everybody was talking about a new electric car factory, even though its vehicles are not in circulation in Greece. But shortly afterwards, it was known that Tesla is going to create in Greece a small company, “Tesla Greece”, a research hub for continuous study on mainly energy-related issues.

At that time, everyone – and rightly so – began to talk about new jobs and the return of the Greek scientists who have migrated abroad to the native territories. One of them, Konstantinos Laskaris, a graduate of the NTUA, works at Tesla at Silicon Valey from 2011, immediately after completing his thesis. 

Tesla investing in Greece

His work experience in this innovative company is unique. And his joy when it was announced that the company proceeded with the founding of the research center in Greece, was even greater.

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As Konstantinos Laskaris, Tesla Chief Design Engineer, says: 
“Science is the industry that benefits from extroversion. When there are no stereotypes and we embrace the scientists from wherever they come, we create the space for creation. We are advancing. “

As for Greek scientists, he stresses: 
“The Tesla Research Center in Greece is a tremendous opportunity to prove our value. Through such a confidence move, we have the potential to create many new and remarkable jobs in our country, attracting experienced scientific staff to return to Greece. The goal is to try to constantly open your mind. Pursue well from every place you are in, fill experiences from your studies, engage in people who are passionate about what they are doing. So, with humility, respect and recognition of the common benefit, you can see your efforts to make your dreams come true. That’s what my experience in Silicon Valley has taught me most. We should never be reconciled to something less than what we have a real passion to do. “


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