Tesla Full Self Driving (FSD) coming next year

Tesla this time is very active in the field of Full Self Driving (FSD). The American manufacturer competes mainly with Waymo and General Motors (referring to the US market) in the race of the first fully autonomous vehicle. 

Indeed, Elon Musk is particularly optimistic about Tesla, as according to recent statements he believes he will present first autonomous model category 5. This means that the vehicle will not need any human intervention to navigate the streets. Indeed, Musk says Tesla will reach its target before the end of 2019.

Tesla Full Self Driving

Asked about Tesla’s biggest competitor, the popular CEO suggested Waymo, a company of Alphabet Inc., which in turn belongs to Google. Still, he does not believe there is any other manufacturer that has come so close to a “general solution” than Tesla. Musk is reasonably supportive of his company. Beyond that, if it is actually near the implementation of a autonomous 5-star vehicle, that’s what time will show.

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According to Musk timetable, Tesla will have solved all the problems that currently exist in driving autonomously within a few months. If he does, then he will undoubtedly be considered the dominant “player” of the autonomous vehicle sector. It remains to be seen whether in 2019 we are in history as the year when Category 5 autonomy was achieved and materialized or we will have to wait a little longer.


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