Tesla is sexy according to German Minister Economy

It is certainly not very common for a Economy Minister, whose country dominates the vehicle industry, to call the competitor’s electric cars, especially … attractive! At the same time, the German Minister of Economy and Energy, Peter Altmaier, referred to the big bosses of the country leading car manufacturers, where he said:

“I really wonder when you, Mr. Zetsche, or you, Mr. Diess, or Mr. Krüger from BMW will be in a position to build an electric car that is half as sexy as a Tesla. As far as the attractiveness of your e-cars is concerned, you could actually come up with some fresh ideas.” (translated)

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Peter Altmaier is a Tesla fan, and it seems clear that he is not very satisfied with the electric models of the German companies that are in circulation or are expected, at least in the design piece. As for Altmaier question to the CEOs of his three major automakers, he has not been answered yet.


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