Credits from Mercedes-Benz manager Dieter Zetsche

Dieter Zetsche is expected in May 2019 to leave the administrative position held by the, as his term of office ends in the leadership of one of the world’s largest carmakers. Zetsche is characterized as one of the most charismatic managers.

Also known as “mustache”, always dressed sporty – with jeans and classic black sneakers – played an extremely important role in the renaissance of Mercedes in every sector, from passenger cars to F1.

Dieter Zetsche made the classic Christmas message in a completely unconventional way. As announced, he will leave his post in the year, we see him in a job search office, opposite Santa Claus.

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Description from YouTube channel Daimler AG (translating by google) :

The CEO of Daimler thanks all his colleagues for their great commitment.

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