From X-rays, Cupra passed the new e-Racer to show us a technical look inside of the first purely electric racing power-driven model. The “heart” of the e-Racer is certainly its batteries, which are centrally and lowly positioned the body.

The layout favors the lower center of gravity of the e-Racer and also determines the placement of the other components. They weigh 450 kilos and make up one third of the total weight of the vehicle (1,575 kg). They consist of 23 panels, which have 6,072 cells of lithium-ion batteries that produce the same power as 9,000 mobile phones.

Notice now that behind the rear axle are the four e-Racer engines that produce 680 horsepower and bring impressive performance with the acceleration from 0-100 km/h to finish within just 3.2 seconds and the top speed reaches 270 km/h.

 According to Cupra the e-Racer has a single speed, whereas compared to an internal combustion engine, the electric motor is less complex, more efficient and less maintenance-free.During braking and loading, e-Racer performs energy recovery. The steering wheel has a built-in display so the driver can monitor and adjust the power management in real time. 

Cupra e-Racer technical look

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At the same time, the driver as well as the technicians on the track must take care of cooling the electrical system. The e-Racer features a built-in system that provides cooling every 20 minutes. The temperature limit of the battery, inverters and motors is 60, 90 and 120 degrees Celsius, respectively.


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