Mazda RX-8 converted to full electric by Greek technicians

Greece is not one of the countries that innovate and lead in the field of electrification and autonomous systems. Nevertheless, a few days ago, the government filed a transition plan for electric vehicles, at least ten years (at least).

In short, it seems that Greece is slowly but steadily entering the new generation of the automotive industry. But many are those Greeks who are already reading, updating and dealing with the new space of electric / autonomous driving. 

Mazda RX-8 converted to full electric

Indeed, a team of technicians from Chrysavgi of Lagadas in Thessaloniki managed to assemble a fully electric model, causing a delight of enthusiasm for motorcycle friends from all over Greece. Wanting to realize their dream, the engineers arrived at the realization of an electric vehicle.

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Specifically, the car that has undergone tremendous change is a Mazda RX-8 of 2008. The technicians have made many and difficult modifications by removing some parts of the engine and adding all the necessary components that would turn the engine into a fully electric motor. The process was anything but easy. 

Besides, the company had to buy all the parts from abroad, even from all corners of the globe. In the end, however, the result is amazing. The Mazda RX-8 can go on the streets without any fear, having a new driving character and “personality”.


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