Mercedes AMG GT R vs Renault Twizy in Reverce!

Mercedes AMG GT R is clearly a Supercar that the 4-liter V8 engine delivers 580 PS at 6,250 rpm and 71,3 kg torque, while on the other hand we have an electric mini-city car (Renault) delivering 20 electric horses from a 15kW battery. Right now you will consider, what is the meaning of this Drag Race?

Top Gear wanted to make the race a little more interesting as the little Twizy would lose the race from the first meter. In this case the Mercedes AMG GT R will make the race with the … reverce! and the winner will be declared covering a certain distance in a straight line. 

Mercedes AMG GT R

Which will be the fastest; More on the video below. Enjoy!

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Description from YouTube channel Top Gear :

Standby for some pretty serious journalism as the Renault Twizy takes on the Mercedes AMG-GTR…in reverse! Let us know in the comments who you think will take first place! Watch more Drag Races here:

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