New Infiniti electric crossover prototype in Detroit

Infiniti is in a phase of looking for itself. Searches for identity but does not have much time to lose in this quest, so tries to do it while she is preparing for the new era. So, while it has nothing new to launch on the market soon, it gives us a glimpse of what to follow. A preview that takes the form of an electric SUV. 

New Infiniti electric crossover prototype

The dark image released by Nissan’s premium brand shows a body full of curves, thin and expressive LED lights and the illuminated signal on the mask. Of course, large light alloy wheels are visible, while the handles and conventional mirrors are shining through their absence, since the location of the latter has taken cameras.

Take a look!

In general, Infiniti is not disappointed with its prototypes. Just as we said, it is in a transitional phase and we expect to see its strategy becoming a reality.


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