Peugeot will launch electric sports cars from 2020

In order to reduce the emissions to a large extent but also to reduce the average of the models in its range, Peugeot has announced that it will launch sporting models from 2020. In cooperation with the Peugeot Sport segment, the models Peugeot will launch from 2020 will not only be electric but also sporty. 

The goal is to limit as much as possible the overall environmental footprint of the company’s models, without losing their characteristic sporting profile. But this is not clear on what models we are talking about and what features they will have. Peugeot’s availability for an interesting electrified future is seen from 308 R and 508 R.

Peugeot electric sports cars

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We have to explore some new technological” regions “that bring us ahead of new challenges. Future models of the company will certainly be exciting, like every Peugeot. Boring cars are not part of our tradition, nor do we have such elements in our DNA. ” Peugeot CEO Jean Philippe Imparato said.


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