Tesla Pickup : First prototype may appear in 2019

According to a recently posted Tweet, Elon Musk indicates that his company is working on an Tesla electric pickup truck prototype which he could show next year. Using his favorite social media again, Musk responded to a question about Tesla’s pickup, saying: 

I’m dying to make a pickup … maybe we can unveil an prototype next year.

The wording in Elon Musk publication of Tesla electric pickup suggests that customers will not see the final version of the truck in 2019. The company CEO has revealed in the past that the pickup will have futuristic design, being “terrible, amazing and wonderful, “he stressed.

Tesla pickup prototype

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In previous comments by Musk, he say that the company is targeting a large truck that can accommodate six people. The model is expected in the market in 2020 or 2021, it will have two engines with huge torque and its range will be between 650 and 800 km.


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