World first electric motorcycle touring to US up to Munich

The Dutch sent a world first electric motorcycle touring to a global mission. For the first time, the storm was welcomed throughout the world. A team of 24 students from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU / e) presents the STORM World Tour: an 80-day world trip presenting the world’s first long-distance electric motorcycle.

Under the guidance of a board of professors, entrepreneurs and chief executive officers, the group led by students developed three motorcycles, including an original prototype and two current repetitions called STORM Wave. Designed as a model for the future of electric mobility, STORM Wave works efficiently, silently and minimizes road space – an ideal feature for global, urban cities.

first electric motorcycle touring

STORM Wave uses rechargeable, articulated batteries that allow you to reach a maximum speed of 160 km/h and over 370 km per charge. Batteries are exchanged in less than seven minutes and charged through STORM Grid: a global voluntary electricity network from participating companies, organizations and private homes.

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Starting their tour in the Netherlands on August 14, 2016, STORM Wave made her trip around the world, touring in countries such as Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, China, the United States and France. 

Traveling more than 14,000 miles on its World Tour, the STORM Eindhoven Group wishes to take part in university lectures, visit companies and hold press events during the presentation tour and share the future of sustainable mobility that she is . For this year it ended up in the e-move 360 ​​and return to its headquarters.


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