Cadillac electric luxury cars

A very historical name with great glamor in luxury cars, the Cadillac, wants to next-gen cars will be fully electric. Surely for many could not imagine an electric Cadillac but the seasons change and the American brand can not stay out of technological progress.

The first electric vehicle of the brand is expected to show up in about three years and, according to Cadillac president, it will offer very much electrical autonomy, which is also demanded by most customers who buy electric vehicles.

There is one area that the company will pay special attention to and that is electrical autonomy that the car can drive. According to him, the goal is Cadillac electric range can deliver over 600 km of autonomy. This would be a necessary feature because will have to compete with the electric cars that will be in circulation at that time.

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He also pointed out that he wants the company to be a pioneer in electric vehicles, and why not, to be able to compete on equal terms even with Tesla!

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