Chinese electric mini truck comes to the US

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Kaiyun Motors plans to export electric mini truck to the US market in 2019, as local media reported in Chicago.

The company has all the necessary licenses and is planning to sell 10,000 vehicles (Pickman) to the US market in 2019, according to a report in the newspaper “The Detroit News” invoking the founder of the Chinese company.

Chinese electric mini truck

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The price of Pickman will be $5,000 in the US, and is powered by an electric motor with 5.3 horses, mated to a 72V lead-acid battery pack. Top speed is 45 km/h and range is 120 kilometers.

Chinese electric mini truck curb weight is just 680 kilo and rated load is 300 kilo, but that includes the driver and passenger. Count 75 for each, leaving a freight weight of 150 kilo. Size: 3245/1320/1460, and wheelbase is 2078 mm. 

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