GAC ENTRANZE Concept : Chinese electric family car

Chinese manufacturers are constantly introducing new electric vehicles and one of them is the GAC where Detroit exhibited introducing an impressive electric family MPV. The Electric Entranze Concept features a wealth of new technologies, as well as an autonomous driving system.

Its outer shape has a MPV shape with fairly futuristic design and is designed by the design center of the company in North America. With a 3+2+2 seating configuration, it can carry up to seven people, with a special emphasis on interior made of environmentally friendly materials.

Chinese GAC electric

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Chinese GAC electric SUV has an impressive and modern interior with the two large OLED screens dominating the dashboard. The company did not reveal detailed technical data, but said that the electric car will have a great range of autonomy that will reach 595 km with each load.

Chinese GAC electric
Chinese GAC electric


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