Keeway E-Zi 2019: Chinese electric scooter with Bosch motor

Chinese Keeway presents a new electric scooter, E-Zi designed to offer its environmentally clean services to urban travel. Small and versatile, the new scooter will be released in two versions. 

The main one belongs to the category of mopeds, ie the two-wheel city with a final speed of 45 km/h. Its drive unit is a Bosch electric motor in the center of the rear wheel with a maximum output of 800 W, ie 1.1 hp.

Its energy source is a 60V/16 Ah lithium-ion battery that is sufficient for autonomy up to 90 km with a charge. Next to it will be a stronger version with a stronger battery (60V/20 Ah), which will supply a correspondingly more efficient Bosch engine at 1,200W (1.6 hp) delivering a top speed of 70 km/h. 

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Chinese electric scooter has also two versions where differ on the wheels, as the simplest E-Zi rolls on 10-inch wheels, while its stronger version has larger 12-inch wheels. However, both models are lightweight, weighing just 62 and 65 kg respectively.

They are expected to begin selling in the European markets at the end of 2019 in different color options: white, black, gray and red. For their retail prices, it is rather early to discuss them yet.


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