Mercedes-Benz prepares compact electric EQB SUV

Mercedes-Benz following the revelation of the electric EQC, it takes one step further, developing this time a compact electric SUV that will probably have the name EQB. German carmaker watching the rapid rise of electric cars worldwide, takes careful steps forward with its own electric cars project.

According to information, the Mercedes-Benz compact electric SUV will be another Sport utility vehicle and will be in the category of BMW X1 and Audi Q3. The code name of the project is X247 and according to the British press that has sources from inside the manufacturer, the new electric SUV will probably be unveiled in the Frankfurt car show next September.

Mercedes-Benz compact electric SUV

Of course, there is no technical data for the new car, but it will probably have a 60 kWh battery that will give the vehicle 400 kms of autonomy and perhaps the top EQB version is expected to have 110 kWh batteries that will deliver the impressive 700 km of autonomy.

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At the design level, EQB as a member of the new electric range of the German brand, will adopt a corresponding look with the EQC and similar style details, while at the level of size it will be closer to the forthcoming SUV GLB proposal despite the new generation of the B-Class.


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