ORA R1 2019 : Chinese affordable electric urban car

Τhe big Chinese car maker Great Wall created the ORA, its own brand of electric cars (in the standards of BMW’s “i”, Volkswagen’s “ID” and Mercedes’s “EQ”), and at the same time presented the first model of the brand ORA R1. 

It is a small city car that costs only $ 8,680 – about 7,500 Euro – with the help of incentives and a 320km (200 miles) range of autonomy. The detail at this point is that the data given by the Chinese are according to the NEDC standards, so according to WLTP one can count less, that is, about 240 kilometers (150 miles)

ORA Chinese electric

The ORA R1 has a 33 kWh battery and a relatively small 35 kW electric motor, with its ultimate speed not exceeding 100 km/h. As a result, the Chinese car will certainly be suitable for urban use, but on the other hand its use on motorways will only be occasional.

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The vehicle will initially be marketed in China – but Great Wall does not hide its intention to launch it in other markets. At present, ORA R1 is offered with a three-year warranty or 120,000 km for the entire vehicle and an eight-year warranty or 150,000 km for its essential parts.

ORA Chinese electric


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