Almost half of the new cars sold in Norway last year were purely electric and plug-in electric. The figure is a new record for the country that has steadily kept sales for the past few years, as the state is implementing a plan that provides for a definitive end of internal combustion car sales in 2025. 

Typically, full-electric (BEVs) sold 46,092 vehicles (31.2% market share) while plug-in electric (PHEVs) to 26,546 vehicles (17.9% market share). Note that Norwegians now prefer full-electric cars in relation to PHEVs and this seems to be the fall of the latter, at a rate that reached 9% overall in 2018.

Norway plug-in electric

In its quest to give more motivation, the Norwegian government exempts electric cars from most taxes and offers benefits such as free parking and charging points. Sales of diesel models dropped by 28% and petrol engines by 17%.

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Nissan new Leaf electric car was the top-selling car in Norway in 2018, with significant sales being recorded by BMW, VW and SUVs by Tesla.

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