SYM ED-1: Lightweight electric foldable scooter

SYM electric foldable scooter

SYM again makes an impressive debut with the SYM ED-1, an impressive electric foldable scooter. It stands out from the simple and plain design but at the same time it is elegant.

Sooner or later, electric scooters will begin to spread in Europe, they say numbers, sales are constantly rising at a rapid pace. Let their sales be low for the time being compared with two-wheelers using an internal combustion engine. 

Europe leading markets for electrical power are the Netherlands, France and Italy, while efforts are being made in Germany, Spain and Great Britain, but also elsewhere.

SYM new proposal seems to be radical, especially in the case of the SYM ED-1 which due to its simple construction will keep its price low and will be more affordable. It is lightweight at 40kg without the battery, which is detachable, makes 40 km of autonomy with a low speed of 25 km/h drive and wears a brush-less engine on the rear wheel (600W power). 

SYM electric foldable scooter
SYM ED-1: Lightweight electric foldable scooter

A very important feature is that the aluminum frame “folds” in the middle, since behind the neck there is a hinge, so does the scissor area (see the video below), so it can be transported to a large car trunk .

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How would you feel, get to the outskirts of the big city with your car, take your electric scooter out of the trunk, unfold it and move to the center of the city (forbidden on conventional vehicles). So simple so cool!.


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