Tesla is coming again to provoke anyone who can hacking the software a Model 3 will get a reward of up to $900,000 and get the “broken” car free of charge. Every year since 2007, the Pwn2Ow contest is being organized. Experienced crackers and hackers are involved in this contest to find “holes” in the software, from products of various companies.

Anyone who can break the Gateway, the VCSEC, and the Autopilot of the model will win a brand new RWD Model 3 Mid-Range, as well as $250,000. Pwn2Ow also adds $100,000 to anyone who manages to hack the Model 3 “keys” and manages to start the car.

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$100,000 will be picked up by anyone who carries the car CAN bus. For the information and entertainment system, will get from $35,000 to $85,000, with $85,000 getting it to the core of its operating system. $60,000 for the Wi-Fi, and another $60,000 for Bluetooth. An additional $50,000 will win anyone who can maintain access to the software, even after restarting it. The total amount for all Model 3 hacks is $ 900,000.

This is how Tesla will be able to close the various “holes” in the firewall (if any!) And make Model 3 even more safe for its owners.

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