This is digital Mercedes-Benz EQ SL in the near future ?

This digital Mercedes-Benz EQ SL is what can be the SL series in the near future: a range of high performance hybrid and electric propulsion models. Here is taking a digital artist on the current roadster.

The image is just a performance from Peisert Design, based on anything but fantasy, since no photo can be seen as a spy, as Mercedes is still in the design stage for the model. All we know so far is that the star company plans to take the SL along a different road, turning the current roadster into a performance-oriented coupe.

Mercedes-Benz EQ SL

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The performance from Peisert Design keeps the radiator grill along with the horizontal louver supporting the star triangle, bonnet, thin silhouette of the roadster and adds the original projector layout, elongated to the front wings, to give it a futuristic virtual restyling .

The roof-top car also gets the bright blue elements of the company’s EQ in the headlights and wheels, so obviously it makes a statement in the zero-emission segment. Jan Peisart is a passionate digital artist for cars, who has envisioned several other Mercedes-Benz models.


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