MOT test

But what is this test? The MOT (Ministry of Transport or MOT) test is an annual test for vehicle safety, technical condition and exhaust emissions required in the United Kingdom for most vehicles over three years of age used in any way.

The MOT, tests tires, wipers, exhaust systems as well as the state of the body and frame structure. An emission test for petrol-powered vehicles is also carried out for an analytical check on the braking system, the rear steering wheel bearings and the seat belts. Emissions control for diesel vehicles, while 2012 added controls for secondary restraint systems, battery, wiring and electronic stability control (ESC).

In the video that follows from YouTube and James and Kate channel you can see a first-generation Nissan Leaf pass this test. Enjoy!

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Description from James and Kate youtube channel :

We are often contacted with questions surrounding overall and ongoing maintenance cost for an Electric Vehicle. Join me whilst I MOT a customers Nissan Leaf prior to delivery and show you just why the MOT test, as we know it, will evolve to become much simpler as the EV revolution takes hold.

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