Citroen Ami One

Citroen unveiled the Ami One Concept, and shows us the vision of the French company about how it imagines the urban transport of the future. It is a small, 2-seat electric vehicle in the form of a prototype, which is only 2.5 meters long, 1.5 meters wide, 1.5 meters high and weighs just 425 kg.

The French company avoids designating it as a “car” but carefully chooses the word “object” in its descriptions! – which can be driven in some European countries even by drivers who do not hold a driving license. It has a lithium-ion battery installed on the floor, providing a 100 km of autonomy in the urban environment.

Update :  Citroen Ami urban electric car with just 20 Euro/Month

The top speed that the Ami One Concept can develop will be 45 km/h. Its interior is simple, and can carry two passengers comfortably, which can be constantly on-line. The driver will be able to unlock the door by using QR, and then place the smartphone at a specific point above the instrument panel, where it will also function as a head-up display.

Citroen Ami One

The Ami One will be the ideal vehicle for the city? I wish we could see it soon in production and even maintains all the features of the concept!

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