Watch Hyundai Kona Electric vs Kia Niro EV efficiency test

Hyundai kona Electric along with the Kia Niro EV are two remarkable SUVs with some common points and some differences that make them stand out. Cousins ​​could say, they have remarkable electrical autonomy, and in the video you can watch next on the nextmove YouTube channel, you’ll get some initial conclusions about the consumption they make on the Autobahn.

The two purely electric SUVs are built on the same platform but have a different battery supplier, with Hyundai housed by LG Chem, while KIA is supplied by SK Innovation. Of course here their common point is that the batteries have exactly the same capacity at 64 kWh.

kona electric kia

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Description from YouTube channel nextmove :

Brother from another mother: Kia e-Niro vs. Hyundai Kona. nextmove tests the two Korean brothers in a direct comparison on a Autobahn trip from Leipzig to Munich. 
Will they have the same consumption? Are there other differences? In the video you can find out everything about consumption, charging power and range in a direct comparison.

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