Mercedes-Benz EQV Concept will be purely electric

The Mercedes-Benz EQV Concept will be differentiated from the corresponding ICE model. The widespread use of pure electric cars will make a decisive contribution to reducing the hazardous emissions emitted by internal combustion engines.

Mercedes has created a new brand that includes all its new electric models. It was named EQ and will represent the German automaker in the category of zero-emission luxury cars.

At the Geneva International Motor Show (March 7-17), Mercedes will unveil the next-generation, pure-electric electric utility vehicle. This is the Concept EQV, which is the brand’s proposal for the professional van. The EQV is an electric version of the V class professional. It is going to be sold along with the electric lightweight professional eVito.

 Mercedes-Benz EQV Concept

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 The EQV will compete with the full Volkswagen ID Buzz electric minivan to be released in 2022. Mercedes plans to launch the new electric car by 2022 at the latest. Daimler invests more than 10 billion euros in the development of the EQ brand, which includes pure electric vehicles. Scheduled by 2022 to launch more than 10 battery vehicles. 

The first model of the EQ brand to be released will be the EQC SUV / crossover, which is expected to be at car fairs in mid-2019. It also competes with the Tesla Model X, Jaguar I-Pace and Audi e-tron models.


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